What Other MLM Leaders Won't Tell You


What Other MLM Leaders Won't Tell You

MLM leaders are known to promise the world and deliver very little.


They are AFRAID to put themselves out there, show REAL EMOTIONS, or actually care about the people in their organization.


Don't believe me??  Discover the emotions Dave Wood puts into this business around the 1 hour mark in the video above...


Most GURU's are driven by one thing....MONEY


Greedy money and will allow people into their organizations without giving them a REAL CHANCE to survive.


Don't believe me...


What percentage do most MLM companies pay out...


10%......20%......maybe 50%....





MLM Leaders Who Actually Care

A company is only as strong as the top leaders...  


The difference between other MLM leaders and the Dave's are they actually get down in the trenches, do the work, and CARE about their people...



They tell us what's working NOW instead of outdated best practices that used to work 20 years ago but DO NOT WORK in today's world.





Join the Vision with these MLM Leaders

The proof is in the layout of the company...


Most MLM opportunities pay out 10%...20%....maybe 50%....


The Empower Network lets it all hang out and pays 100% commissions because our leaders WANT YOU TO SUCCEED!


Stop wasting your time with other MLM leaders...


Get on board with people who CARE and work EVERY DAY to make life easier for YOU to SUCCEED!!


Still not convinced...


Watch this free video and discover what other MLM leaders won't do for you!

Live Hangout - Confessions From The Dave's

Tonight was one of the most powerful hangouts we've done since the start of Empower Network.

Lives were empowered, people broke down in tears and we grew stronger - together.

If you didn't watch the hangout live, click the play button above and watch it now. This hangout proves an important point.

That we're not just an opportunity, an 'Internet thing' or Network Marketing company.

We're more than that, we're a movement, one that empowers people to step into their own greatness in their own unique way.

Click the play button above, watch the hangout and leave me your comments below.

Love ya,

- David Wood


- The EN Team

Top 10 Encouraging Thoughts and Inspirational Sayings by Will Smith

Looking for some encouraging thoughts and inspirational sayings to brighten up your day?


No problem…


If you don’t know who Will Smith is…you must've been living under a rock for the past 20 years…

It has been fascinating to see him grow over the years to the success he has become today…


Will Smith is a true inspiration and someone I’ve admired for many years…

From the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" to knocking people out in "Ali" and I’ll tell you what….


If there was ever an ALIEN INVASION…


I would put Will Smith at the top of the list to battle for our Freedom!


Discover some of Will Smith’s most inspirational sayings and encouraging thoughts!




Top 10 Encouraging Thoughts and Inspirational Sayings by Will Smith


































Top 10 Encouraging Thoughts and Inspirational Sayings by Will Smith

I hope these encouraging thoughts and inspirational saying brightened up your day!


Thanks for stopping by!

-Mike Marryat


P.S. I make money sharing inspirational photos, quotes, and videos like the ones above...  If you want to know how, click here!


Here's proof if you need to see it!



Is Staying at a Job You Hate Working Worth It??

Do you say to yourself “I hate work” and is it really worth staying at a job you absolutely hate working??


I'll tell you my answer...


In a second...


Let me explain....



As a former cubicle monkey I can describe to you what my life was like in one simple word...





Lets take a step-by-step look at a typical day:

  1. Wake up early to a LOUD, nagging alarm clock
  2. Fight traffic while trying to stay awake
  3. Chest tightens up when making that final turn into the parking lot
  4. Walk into a building you can't stand to even look at
  5. Get bossed around all day
  6. Fight Traffic to Get home
  7. Too exhausted from work to do anything


Sound familiar??


It doesn't even matter if you ever worked in an “office” environment...


These universal pains apply to all miserable jobs!


Is this how you feel sometimes??





You see the most important thing to me in life is TIME...


Time with friends, family, kids, traveling, and living life on my own terms!



We only have so much of it and why waste it doing something you hate??


Don't get me wrong...


I understand the need for money BUT the system for getting money is completely screwed in my opinion.


Check out the video below to discover what I mean....




What If You Hate Working Your Job: Is There Another Way??



                      <==See what Dave's talking about here==>                     


Why Stay If You Hate Working?

Why stay in something you HATE doing?


That wasn't what I wanted and I KNOW you feel the SAME WAY!


There is a way to have the best of both worlds...


Wouldn't it be beautiful to be able to work less and make more money?


I know I enjoy it...


Imagine being able to do what you want, when you want, with whomever you want....


Does that sound nice to you?


Discover how you can quit the job you hate working like me!!


Imagine yourself writing a letter like this to your boss!



Travel the beaches of the world, hang out with friends, destroy your alarm clock, whatever floats your boat!


You only have one life to live...


Don't waste it on a job you hate working!


-Mike Marryat

Empower Network Blogging Platform: Why Are People Coming?

I have noticed a trend of people coming back to the Empower Network blogging platform after leaving to chase other shiny objects...


The real question is...WHY?


What makes this community so attractive??


I'd like to share with you a truly inspiration audio I stumbled upon...

You will discover why people are coming back to the Empower Network blogging platform...



Empower Network Blogging Platform - Why She Came Back

Malikah Alif is a woman who was previously involved with the Empower Network.


I would go into Malikah's story more but...


I'll let her explain why she decided to return after several months...


I told you it was good right??


Empower Network Blogging Platform - Now It's Your Turn

It's time for you to discover for yourself, dig deep inside, and find your TRUE PASSION like Malikah did...


Get your hands on the transformational, life changing audios that helped Malikah TRANSFORM HER LIFE here!


I learned a long time ago...


People fail...Systems don't


This is just one of the countless stories within the Empower Network

STOP MAKING EXCUSES and start living the life your deserve!


You have one of two options...


Discover the free Empower Network video here...


If you're like me and want to get straight to the point...join now!


Discover what the Empower Network Blogging Platform can do for you!


How to Generate Sales Through an Effective Call to Action

Discovering how to generate sales can be as simple as having an effective call to action in your article, e-mail, blog post, video or phone conversation.


Coming from someone who USED TO make these same mistakes...

I can tell you...the 3 lucrative and simple tips explained below helped my business tremendously!


Throughout this post you will learn:

  • Why having a call to action is important
  • How to generate sales or leads by using an effective call to action
  • How to write an effective call to action





How to Generate Sales Through an Effective Call to Action

Let me break down how to generate sales from a call to action in 3 simple steps...



Step 1: Have a Call to Action

Seems simple...right?!?


THE NUMBER ONE MISTAKE is see people making is not having a call to action AT ALL!


NEVER ASSUME your audience knows what to do...


Plain and simple...You have to get people to do something!


They won't opt-in to your page or click a button to buy something unless they know EXACTLY what to do.







Step 2: Challenge Your Audience

Challenge your audience to get what they want.




There's a reason people come to your website or store in the first place.


Most people just need that extra push to get them over the edge.


Think of it as your DUTY to challenge them to buy from you!


You KNOW what you have is good...now them believe it too!


Help your audience fulfill their dreams and desires!


Some examples are:

  • “You know you want more...”
  • “Don't deny yourself....”
  • “(Your product/service) is going to help you get (what they want)”
  • “Stop holding back and let yourself get what you want...”


These are some vague examples...







Step 3: Be Direct/Get Specific

If you want to learn how to generate sales...


Don't be afraid to GET SPECIFIC!


TELL YOUR AUDIENCE step-by-step instructions on how to buy whatever it is you're selling.


For example...


“Click here, fill in your e-mail address, click the button that says “get instant access”, and watch the video on the other side.”


It may seem like you're over doing it but the less thinking your audience has to do the better!




In the grand scheme of things...




Think about why people want money??


To BUY more stuff!


How do you think our economy exists...


Don't be afraid or think people don't want to buy from you because THEY DO!





How to Generate Sales with an Effective Call to Action

Did you find these tips on how to generate sales helpful?


When I started to put these lessons into place...

My sales started to SKY ROCKET!



Want to learn more helpful tips to help accelerate your business?


Allow yourself to have more time freedom and make more money at the same time?


Discover what I'm learning for yourself here.



I can't wait to hear about your success!


Generate more sales NOW!


Because honestly...


This is only the beginning of what you will learn on how to generate sales in your business...

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